Banned Forever

Banned Forever: How I Came To Love South Korea After Being Deported Twice, by Louis Morgan (Createspace, 2017)


This relatively new Kindle Single by Louis Morgan tells the story (allegedly a true story) of a young man who used to live and work in South Korea. The book functions as a short memoir of his two – that’s right, two! – deportations from the country. 

What exactly does one do to get deported from the same country twice? Seemingly, very little. If we are to believe the author, and it seems that he has no reason to lie here, he was arrested by armed police on a tip-off from a psychologically damaged young woman that he was some sort of a drug kingpin. Through a bizarre series of events, mostly involving the ineptitude of the South Korean police and judicial system, Louis Morgan (not his real name) is booted from the country without ever being allowed to speak with a lawyer.

Well, that about describes the first deportation. The second occurs many years later when he tries to return to South Korea. He is given the all-clear by the Korean embassy in his country, but when he arrives he is almost immediately deported once again.

Amazingly, Morgan maintains a very sunny disposition during all of this – at least towards Korean people and the country as a whole. Despite the unfortunate things that happen to him, he finds himself falling in love with the country – something that never happened when he actually lived there. Is this a case of loving what you cannot have? Almost certainly, in my opinion.

Banned Forever is an entertaining read. You could probably get through the whole book in an hour or less, which leaves you wondering why the author didn’t pad it a little more. It is a well-told story, but it certainly leaves some questions unanswered.